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KeyJargon by Cris Mercado

KeyJargon is a career app that features keywords, key events, and key organizations to boost careers. August 2016 marked the release of the KeyJargon career app. It was inspired by my volunteer role at a professional development organization for 1st-generation college students. The experience reinforced the importance of industry knowledge, communication and connections in securing career opportunities.

KeyJargon will impact young, aspiring professionals who are unemployed at greater rates, need improvement in workforce skills, and are often unaware of important events and organizations that can boost their careers. At minimum, KeyJargon helps users prepare for job & informational interviews, research career areas of interest, and connect with professionals at events. Our projected partnerships with college & university career centers, workforce development agencies, and trade/professional associations will help scale KeyJargon and its impact. With significant investment and further user testing, we can also scale the administrative functions of the KeyJargon app so that enterprise partners can curate their own content for their own subsets of users. Delivering services through these partnerships, providing premium app features to these enterprise partners, and advertising once KeyJargon amasses a large number of users are what will provide sustainable revenue. Additional revenue can also come from e-books/resources that are downloadable from the main KeyJargon website.

The 1980's-1990's equivalent of KeyJargon translates to thousands of hours of in-person networking and phone calls to find out about keywords, key events, and trade/professional associations across industries. Currently, it would take many tries on search engines like Google to reveal as much content as KeyJargon does in just a few taps. Firms like Morgan Stanley and PwC still use "jargon busters" on their websites. Vault and LinkedIn have extensive career education resources that are seen as overwhelming by some college students we have interviewed. Sites like Eventbrite and Gary's Guide have event listings, but neither the keyword content nor the focus on career events across multiple industries. KeyJargon addresses some of these aforementioned features and challenges in a simple, yet more comprehensive, way to appeal to the mobile-first user.

All funding for KeyJargon has come from its parent company, GrantAnswers, which provides college and career readiness services and tools. For the current version of KeyJargon, GrantAnswers has spent approximately $5000 in contract labor, travel and marketing. We are seeking to renew service contracts with the NYC Department of Education and other partners, as well as new enterprise contracts, to help fund the future expansion of KeyJargon.

Budget, October 2016-December 2017

Item Cost
Marketing & Advertising 3700
Contract labor 7000
Computer, Video & other equipment 1330
Travel 5000
Wages 17600
Other expenses 15370
TOTAL 50000

Given our limited resources, the biggest challenge currently is getting, keeping, and growing KeyJargon's user base. Using lean methodology principles, we will continue our customer discovery process across our target customers so that we can make informed changes to improve app user engagement. We have prioritized relationship building with additional key partners in the New York City area as the key activity for Fall 2016 in order to establish a presence across college campuses and encourage free membership sign-ups.

Lastly, we invite you to free membership to get all the features of our app. We humbly ask you to spread the word and give us feedback so that we can further help career-driven individuals define their career, on their terms.

Bringing entrepreneurship to the African-American community at New York

The African-American community in the United States constituting approximately 13.5% of the total population. Over the years this community has faced several challenges and has been largely underserved due to povertyand lack of opportunities. 1M1B- 1 Million for 1 Billion, an entrepreneurship and job creation initiative for young people in underserved areas of the world, is striving hard to understand more deeply the factors responsible for hindering their progress. 1M1B's aim is towards turning them into successful entrepreneurs, hence, making them take charge of their own socio-economic betterment.

The 1M1B 2016, program kick off happened in New York,in which a preliminary interactive discussion was held for the student community of Monroe College, New York,Manav Subodh (Founding Board Member, 1M1B) got to know some quite appalling facts of the students everyday life. While college for some of them was a refuge from their otherwise homeless existence, others chose to study there to escape the violence and the gang leaders; "If I won't study, I'll perhaps end up getting recruited in some gang outside.", said one of the students. These and many other challenges were probably the answer to their passively pursuing a degree in a management college so as to obtain a well-to-do job even when somewhere inside them they nurseda variety of diversified passions.

And this is precisely the point of attention of 1M1B's initiative in New York, where 1M1B is help this minority segment "identify, activate and monetise" their own passion by developing the required skill set tobecome an entrepreneur. Such an idea which initially seemed obscure to them gradually became more relatable as the term "entrepreneurship" was simplified and demystified for them and they indeed began to realize their unharnessed potential.

Further discussions led to three major interest areas which the students were passionate about viz. sports, music and arts. But like every other time, the dichotomy between passion and purpose stood in their path towards realizing their dream. 1M1B makes diligent efforts to outstrip such a binary which says passion alone can't pay you well. It believes passion when directed and channelized in a proper manner can turn into a successful profession. Also, the organization aspires to follow United Nations' "Sports for Development" (S4D) model which seeks to integrate the vulnerable communities together by their common participation in sports-based activities along with fostering their physical and mental health, self-esteem, leadership abilities and so on.

In a series of workshops planned in July, 2016 by Kareem Hertzog ( Partner, 1M1B USA), 1M1B is now bringing together the students and various role models, musicians, sportspersons, DJ's, street artists, etc. on a common platform and engaging them in creative and innovative discussions which would provide the required stimulus to discover the hidden entrepreneur in each of them; they can be sportsmen, go on travel expeditions, own a sports academy, music academy, Tourism Company and a lot more. The workshops have already been launched in Monroe College and Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) besides others. Starting August 2016, 15 teams will be selected to further undergo a 9 weeks 1M1B accelerator and a mentoring program. Top 3 teams will then get an opportunity to showcase their businesses at the 1M1B annual event at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in January 2017. These 2 teams will join other global 1M1B teams from India and Vietnam. With the 1M1B operating principle, "Small is the New Big", this movement of 1M1B is sure to get much bigger in the next few months in New York for the minorities.

Photo Credit: The Dayoko
Blog compilation: Harleen Kaur
Blog written by: Manav Subodh

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What's new


November 2017:
Smart City Challenge launched in partnership with GSVC, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business to develop skills and innovations for the fourth industrial revolution. Click here for details

3rd August 2017:
1M1B Foundation and TATA Trusts commence the 'StartUp Gurukool' program in 4 states of India-Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh. Click here for details

10-13 March 2017:
1M1B team to present at the United Nations in New York around the CSW Youth Forum on "Economic Empowerment of Indigenous and Underserved Communities through Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship" Click here for details

29 December 2017:
1M1B launches the first Smart Village Accelerator and Tele-Health Center in the village, Mori, Andhra Pradesh, India

17th-18th June 2016:
1M1B initiates its project to establish a mobile telemedicine clinic in Mori, Andhra Pradesh, as part of the Smart Village Initiative in partnership with UC Berkeley Click here for details

12th June 2016:
Hero's Mindset Workshop organized at Bangalore. Click here for details

March 3, 2016:
1M1B kickstarts its Rural Tourism based Social Volunteering program in Uttarakhand. Click here for details.

February 13, 2016:
1M1B starts its Telemedicine services in Uttarakhand. Click here for details.

December 21-23, 2015:
1M1B Team visits Uttarakhand, with the newly appointed 1M1B Fellows, to set up its first microaccelerator. Click here for details.

December 22, 2015:
1M1B announces the '1M1B E-Weekends' program. Details here. Pre-registrations open. Last date for application is 22nd January 2016.

December 19, 2015:
1M1B, in partnership with NavBharat Times, organized its first in series Entrepreneurship Workshop (Level-I) in New Delhi. Click here for details.

November 19, 2015
1M1B announces the '1M1B Fellowship Program 2015-2016'. Last date for submission of application is 30th November 2015.

October 18, 2015: Forbes features 1M1B & its co-founder, Manav Subodh (Click Here)

October 16, 2015: '1M1B Change The World Internship' winners from Caribbean Islands, India and the United States present their work at the United Nations Headquarters, New York (Click Here)

October 14, 2015: '1M1B Change The World Internship' winners from Caribbean Islands, India and the United States present their work to DC ArchAngels at Washington DC (Click here)

September 12, 2015
Winners of the 1M1B 2015, Change the World Internships announced:

  • Caribbean : Josanne Arnold, from Trinidad and Tobago ( Team: G.O.T GREENS) and Janice McLeod, from Jamaica ( Team: Agro Central)
  • India : Harsh Aggarwal and Shreya Gupta, from New Delhi ( Team: Sanjeevani), Malvika, Akshita and Apoorva, from New Delhi ( Team: Basta) and Vrinda Aggarwal ( Team: Windmill)
  • United States of America (USA) : Caseena Karim ( Team: Crave)
These winners will present their work on 14th October 2015 at Washington DC and on 16th October 2015 at United Nations (UN) in New York.

Winners of 1M1B Change The World Internships to present at the United Nations (UN's) International day for the eradication of poverty (IDEP) on 16th October 2015 at NYC.

1M1B's Women Entrepreneurship Summit on 12th September 2015 at New Delhi. Click here for details.

August 26, 2015: 1M1B launches its crowd funding campaign to fund the finalists of 'Change The World Internships 2015' to showcase their work at the United Nations in September/October 2015. Click here for details.

August 20, 2015: 1M1B, in partnership with McKinsey Social Initiatives, kick start the 'Generation' mentorship program in Delhi & NCR. Click here for details.

August 20, 2015: 1M1B partners with Washington DC Arch Angels. Under this partnership 1M1B Entrepreneurs will not only get an opportunity to pitch their biz to the executive team of the DC Arch Angels but will also get opportunities to connect with multilaterals, bilateral, governments, investors, and accelerators on the East Coast

On 17 March, 2015 UN Habitat and A Million for A Billion (1M1B) Foundation signed an MOU for youth skill development and entrepreneurship.



We see youth and women getting skilled in creating jobs not just for themselves but also others and overcoming conversations like:

  • There are no jobs.
  • I am at a disadvantage.
  • The government should give me a job.
  • I have to migrate for economic opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship is for people with good financial backing.
  • Enterprise creation is hard and not for me.

1M1B is a skill development, entrepreneurship education and an enterprise acceleration initiative that will solve the challenge of unemployment of youth and women in underserved economies.

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