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Here's the second update from upcoming smart village #Mori. This update would be bit long as there is too much happening right here that I need to share. This month has been quite challenging in terms of gaining trust of people and at the same time facing the lock-outs. Women here were completely hesitant to accept anything new entering their lives, it is some kind of fear in them that technology or new ways coming to them might disturb their livelihood. It is this fear in them that we had to work on and make them understand that technology would only compliment and not complicate their life.

So we have had small chit-chats, meeting and evening chai with them to build that needed relation and gain trust that would help them understand the whole idea of smart village. I started indulging myself in the chores of the village, attended few health camps, working with Asha workers and at the same time observing on where people are getting adjusted and where the situation is actually good. Health camps gave a good insight on the present health needs and status at Mori.

Also in my journey of fellowship I found a really good intern cum friend , Reshmi Nakka who is sincerely dedicating her time and effort and is giving all needed attention to this healthcare initiative. She is helping us on ground also making us acquainted with this magical soil of Mori. Not only her but the smart village interns are a great source of motivation and are youth packed with energy who are ready to take forward the smart village concepts.



As we were heading towards an important mile-stone of the project i.e Launch of Smart Village Prototyping Phase-I, We had Vishal & Praveen from A3 Technologies arriving the same week with our telemedicine kit. I along with interns got trained on the Kit and started performing trial runs on each other. The kit is unique in itself as any person can operate and get educated.



Meanwhile the smart village team was getting ready, corporate were arriving, and the stage was set for RDO (Revenue Divisional Officer) to visit. We took a small hut for our Tele-Medicine Clinic which beautifully merged the technology in sync with village setup aura.


RDO reviewed the technologies that were showcased and address the pain points of the village. Our clinic gained traction and there were people and panchayat officials getting their basic health checkups done. We also had Dr.Swati from 1M1B connecting through video conferencing from Delhi and interacting with team and RDO .We ended our day with 15 screenings and feedbacks from the villagers.

Next day was a big day with target of 100 screenings in front of us. We started our day meeting Self help group ladies and chairman, addressing them and pitching the whole idea of smart village. This was an awareness drive to make people understand and feel connected with the project.

We had setup health camp for all ladies there itself just on the top floor. We conducted basic screening tests including ECG. There was some point in the camp where there was flood of patients coming to us and falling all over to get the screening done. I would compliment my team for doing good job by optimizing the process and reach target of 50 patients.




11th September was a big event, we had Mr.Arun Kumar, East Godavari district Collector, reviewing our technology and we expressed to him the importance of telemedicine technology and why it is needed for rural India. We learned from these camps and took feedbacks throughout. We heard the voice of the village echoing the health care needs and would move forward to improve our model.




Signing off for now and can't wait to tell you the upcoming moments from Mori. Leaving you with picture of me with Super Women of Mori



The First Step: Initiating field work for 1M1B Telemedicine Centre at Mori, Andhra Pradesh (Part of the Smart Village Initiative)

In June 2016, the Smart Village Initiative was inaugurated in Mori, a small village about 500 kms off the capital city of Hyderabad, in Andhra Pradesh. The initiative, spearheaded by Prof. Solomon Darwin of UC Berkeley, saw many MNC's visiting to commit their time and resources to make this a success. As part of the 1M1B team, Dr Swati Subodh visited the village with the aim to assess the ecosystem to set up the telemedicine centre at the village while deploying high end technology yet keeping it simple to use.

This first visit included meeting potential stakeholders, and at the same time assessing the on-ground feasibility of bringing up a telemedicine centre. The project is currently in the field research and integration phase. The team is now gearing for the launch, which is scheduled in early September 2016.

1M1B Microaccelerator in Guptkashi, Uttarakhand

When innovators build something they expect to stand, the first evaluation of success comes only after it works independently devoid of the influences it was conceived under. This does not mean the innovator is no longer welcome, it means that the innovator is no longer indispensible; it means what has been built is so well-built that it can detach itself from the builder and go to the user it was made for- no looking back.

This, and this alone, was the objective of our final trip to Uttarakhand- and the reason behind it being final at all. With four crucial business models as part of the 1M1B Microaccelerator in place: the telemedicine center, the rural tourism for social volunteering programme, the English for success model, and the R-factor model, this trip was envisioned as a final physical assistance from us, the 1M1B Fellows, as part of the 1M1B team to the local community, to ensure sustainability of these models in future. (Diksha Bijlani, 1M1B Fellow 2015-16)

Initiating work on the Anytime Anywhere IoT Clinic in Mori, Andhra Pradesh

1M1B is partnering with UC Berkeley's SMART VILLAGE INDIA Project in setting up a health care initiative. The core idea is to give villagers the much needed access to medical expertise from around the world which would in turn improve the quality of healthcare by making best use of technology. We are trying to setup an Any time Any Where IoT Clinic or mobile Telemedicine centre to showcase the use of technology to address pertinent issues in the community. It would involve remote consultation, digital prescription, specialised consultation, diagnosis and tests at the center itself.

1M1B's model revolves around empowering the villagers with social entrepreneur skills, making them accustomed with technology, making them realize that the next big difference can happen because of them. On the same lines we started our ground work here at Mori Village to understand the existing health care system, the needs of the villagers in terms of medicine, the unmet health issues prevailing in the village and also to get acquainted with Self Help Groups (SHGs), ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activists) Workers and Anganwadi teachers as they would be the one to drive the initiative either in terms of awareness drive or actual implementation.

The Smart Village Fellows and the Smart Village Student Interns have been doing the much needed ground work to understand the existing diagnostic centres around, the available tests and the cost associated with each of them to know the affordability aspects of villagers. At the same time the smart village team is building its Doctors network around the world who would be ready to provide remote consultation and specialised consultations on a volunteering basis through Telemedicine centre. The Doctors in and around the city are also supporting the team, Dr.Padma who is a gynaecologist along with her son Dr.Jaydev from Rajahmundry ( which is 2hrs drive from Mori Village have ) were the first set of doctors to have agreed for this initiative.

The Team visited the doctors at Rajahmundry in their hospital to understand their services and take this project to all new level.

The project is making progress and it kicked off with a Community level meeting on 31st July 2016 at Government High School where All the village heads, anganwadi teachers, self-help group ladies, panchayat officials, Asha workers and some elders in village attended and gave a valuable feedback on the telemedicine model.

The meeting started with briefing the villagers with SMART VILLAGE definition and the importance and role of internet in shaping Smart Village. The team also updated on the upcoming initiatives towards setting up an incubator at village level. Updates were followed by a detailed presentation on 1M1B Health care initiative by Dr.Swati Subodh, Co-Founder 1M1B Healthcare initiatives on how Telemedicine would work , components and equipment's involved , how digital prescription would look like, who are the doctors involved, showcasing Uttarakhand usecases.The briefing up was followed by a skype call with Dr.Padma who addressed the community on the services that she would like to offer to the villagers also she urged the villagers to make best use of the Clinic and how they can visit her for follow up. She represented the doctors community and gave assurance to the villagers on the services that would help the village to cope up with the present problems. Dr.Jaydev also joined her and clarified some of the doubts that villagers came up with like how will basic emergencies issues be solved, how about follow up with doctor in person, how much will it charge etc.

The presentation was followed by an open discussion on the needs and expectations from the telemedicine centre.The model as such would empower the healthcare workers in the village, at the same time, giving better healthcare services to the society.

The meeting was fruitful as it gave some of the hidden insights from community and they were optimistic on having the 1M1B centre in the village with full support. The community congratulated the team for thinking about such initiative and they were eager to take it forward.

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November 2017:
Smart City Challenge launched in partnership with GSVC, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business to develop skills and innovations for the fourth industrial revolution. Click here for details

3rd August 2017:
1M1B Foundation and TATA Trusts commence the 'StartUp Gurukool' program in 4 states of India-Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh. Click here for details

10-13 March 2017:
1M1B team to present at the United Nations in New York around the CSW Youth Forum on "Economic Empowerment of Indigenous and Underserved Communities through Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship" Click here for details

29 December 2017:
1M1B launches the first Smart Village Accelerator and Tele-Health Center in the village, Mori, Andhra Pradesh, India

17th-18th June 2016:
1M1B initiates its project to establish a mobile telemedicine clinic in Mori, Andhra Pradesh, as part of the Smart Village Initiative in partnership with UC Berkeley Click here for details

12th June 2016:
Hero's Mindset Workshop organized at Bangalore. Click here for details

March 3, 2016:
1M1B kickstarts its Rural Tourism based Social Volunteering program in Uttarakhand. Click here for details.

February 13, 2016:
1M1B starts its Telemedicine services in Uttarakhand. Click here for details.

December 21-23, 2015:
1M1B Team visits Uttarakhand, with the newly appointed 1M1B Fellows, to set up its first microaccelerator. Click here for details.

December 22, 2015:
1M1B announces the '1M1B E-Weekends' program. Details here. Pre-registrations open. Last date for application is 22nd January 2016.

December 19, 2015:
1M1B, in partnership with NavBharat Times, organized its first in series Entrepreneurship Workshop (Level-I) in New Delhi. Click here for details.

November 19, 2015
1M1B announces the '1M1B Fellowship Program 2015-2016'. Last date for submission of application is 30th November 2015.

October 18, 2015: Forbes features 1M1B & its co-founder, Manav Subodh (Click Here)

October 16, 2015: '1M1B Change The World Internship' winners from Caribbean Islands, India and the United States present their work at the United Nations Headquarters, New York (Click Here)

October 14, 2015: '1M1B Change The World Internship' winners from Caribbean Islands, India and the United States present their work to DC ArchAngels at Washington DC (Click here)

September 12, 2015
Winners of the 1M1B 2015, Change the World Internships announced:

  • Caribbean : Josanne Arnold, from Trinidad and Tobago ( Team: G.O.T GREENS) and Janice McLeod, from Jamaica ( Team: Agro Central)
  • India : Harsh Aggarwal and Shreya Gupta, from New Delhi ( Team: Sanjeevani), Malvika, Akshita and Apoorva, from New Delhi ( Team: Basta) and Vrinda Aggarwal ( Team: Windmill)
  • United States of America (USA) : Caseena Karim ( Team: Crave)
These winners will present their work on 14th October 2015 at Washington DC and on 16th October 2015 at United Nations (UN) in New York.

Winners of 1M1B Change The World Internships to present at the United Nations (UN's) International day for the eradication of poverty (IDEP) on 16th October 2015 at NYC.

1M1B's Women Entrepreneurship Summit on 12th September 2015 at New Delhi. Click here for details.

August 26, 2015: 1M1B launches its crowd funding campaign to fund the finalists of 'Change The World Internships 2015' to showcase their work at the United Nations in September/October 2015. Click here for details.

August 20, 2015: 1M1B, in partnership with McKinsey Social Initiatives, kick start the 'Generation' mentorship program in Delhi & NCR. Click here for details.

August 20, 2015: 1M1B partners with Washington DC Arch Angels. Under this partnership 1M1B Entrepreneurs will not only get an opportunity to pitch their biz to the executive team of the DC Arch Angels but will also get opportunities to connect with multilaterals, bilateral, governments, investors, and accelerators on the East Coast

On 17 March, 2015 UN Habitat and A Million for A Billion (1M1B) Foundation signed an MOU for youth skill development and entrepreneurship.



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